Module 1: Introduction to the Circular Economy (with Life Cycle Thinking)

The Plastics Circularity E-Learning Course

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About this course

Please provide a short description (150 words max.) after you have finished recording. Below is our suggestion:
  • Linear vs Circular Economy (CE)
  • Explain natural/biological and technical cycle with Industrial Symbiosis
  • LCA thinking and and role of LCA in CE
  • CE Ecosystem mapping and Policy instruments

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing Life Cycling Thinking to obtain a complete understanding of plastic production & consumption impact
  • Understand the components of the plastics value chain and the role of different stakeholders
  • Acquire knowledge on global plastic circularity practices from policy to business
  • Understanding the mechanisms of effective policy engineering
  • Analyze cutting-edge emerging technologies and innovations in plastics production and recycling and upcycling
  • Understanding the importance of ecosystem building and support of entrepreneurship


10 mins


5 questions (suggested)


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