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IQ Energy Australia and IQ Energy Inc. is currently building a modular, scalable and containerised IQ Advanced Recycling unit that will recycle dirty and mixed plastics back into a plastic derived crude oil or gas that can be further refined into a variety of consumer or industrial products, including virgin plastics. The first commercial IQ Advanced Recycling unit is currently being assembled in Canada and the aim is to have this operational by the first quarters of 2022. These units are a manufactured product so that they can be rapidly scaled up and deployed quickly and it allows for the solution to be decentralised. IQ Energy Australia also has Gasifier and Indirect Dryer units which have been designed for use on manures, sewage sludges, organics, and other wet wastes.

IQ Energy Australia

IQ Energy Australia is an environmental technologies company based in Melbourne whose business model is sales, support and service through affordable and accessible modular advanced thermal treatment technologies. The focus is to provide technology solutions that can repurpose waste beneficially, in local communities and businesses, and convert it into clean, renewable, and valuable resources.

IQ Energy Australia aims to accelerate the region’s evolving Circular Economy through collaboration and to have a positive impact on many of the SDGs by addressing local issues with local solutions