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An Introduction to Circular Economy

Youth Leadership in a Circular Economy: Education Enabled by STEAM Platform


Youth leadership driven by education is inevitably important for making significant realization of a Circular Economy (CE). The success of the circular economy global movement is deeply rooted in harnessing the potential of the youth in Asian region especially. Asia is known to be a major global manufacturing hub and waste generator with over 62% of global youth population. This chapter outlines the educational practices in CE across the globe with particular focus on CE educational programs, courses/modules offered in countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Thailand, UK, US, and others. Furthermore, it highlights the criticality of Asian region toward CE education; how a general education module offered by the STEAM Platform helped transforming youth, and how STEAM Platform builds on existing CE practices fostering youth leadership. Of note, the role of different stakeholders in CE education such as educational institutes, government organizations, industry, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is equally essential for working in synchronicity to develop a holistic education program in effectively developing human resources and in particular leaders in driving the CE transition. We propose that knowledge convergence (STEM knowledge), skills & mindset (strategic communication, peer-to-peer learning, life cycle, and critical thinking), and entrepreneurial practices are complimentary for the transformation of youth leading toward practical implementation of CE.


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