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Module 4: [this is for the lecturer list]

ADBI Circular Economy E-learning Course

Module 4: [this is for the lecturer list]

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Module 4: [this is for the lecturer list]
Edwin KEH
Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile & Apparel (HKRITA)
Module 4: [this is for the lecturer list]

Module 1: Fundamentals of Circular Economy

Module 2: Plastic Waste Global Policies

Module 4: Circular Business Models, Barriers & Enablers for Circular Economy

Module 5: Policy Implementation Mechanisms & Challenges and Consumer Behavior

Module 7: Circular Cities

Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

Module 3: Circular Economy Workforce Building

Module 4: Circular design, technology and innovation

Module 6: Circular Economy Policy and Standards

Module 2: Financing the transition to Circular Economy

Module 3: Plastics Life Cycle, Value & Supply Chain, and Impact

Module 5: Circular Supply Chain Management

Module 6: Public-Private Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building

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