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Featuring Circular Economy Start-ups at TECHBITE 4.0 Demo Day


Creating an upcycling polymer solution that is flexible and adaptable to consumers to help solve the plastic waste problem in Thailand

Their Polymer solution can improve the mechanical strength of the upcycling polymer product made by combining plastic waste (without chemical additive) and biopolymer with improved porosity inside the upcycling materials.

Real BPM

Real BPM is a technology company that develops and produces electric powertrain for EVs and smart battery systems. It recently piloted its first electric scooter with complete systems made in Thailand. Low-cost non-rare earth material motor and 5-minute DC fast charging is their technology highlight.

Their EV solution is designed and made in Thailand to make sure that it will suit the environment here in Thailand as well as in ASEAN. They sell completed E-scooter or retrofit clients' old ICE scooters with their in-house high-performance and cost-competitive powertrain. It costs a subscription model for vehicles and batteries. With their strong R&D capability, the company offers licensing, customization design & prototyping and sells its powertrain solution to any E-scooter manufacturers in the World.


The company produces PALF, pineapple leaf fiber from agricultural waste that is used for improving properties and decreasing plastic content for making greener products.

Their PALF extraction process has already been patented and is expected to be easier to scale up. Pineapple leaf fiber is 30 – 60 mm in length.

It can be used in many applications, including

1. Staple PALF for the weaving industry such as clothes, shoes, bags

2. Non-woven PALF for sound insulation and automobile parts like door panel

3. Preform PALF for plastics composite, for example, unidirectional preform and high mechanical strength parts via lamination Besides that adding PALF can improve composite properties. For example, PALF composite properties had mechanical properties higher than pure polypropylene around 3 times.

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