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The STEAM platform consists of following 3 pillars:

What's STEAM 

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The STEAM Platform is a programfunded since June 2018 under Research, Innovation and Partnerships Office (RIPO) of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) to promote research, innovation, education and entrepreneurship (RIEE) of KMUTT globally focusing on youth leadership.

Upcoming Event

Circular Economy Leadership & Partnership Summit 2021 by STEAM Platform

New Resources

Battling frowny kao gaeng vendors. Adamantly refusing durian cellophane-wrapped to a styrofoam dish and double-bagged. These are just some of the unique hurdles for Thais starting out on zero-waste lifestyles.

Knowledge by

STEAM Platform

Using Data Science for Developing Solutions for Sustainable Development Goals 2030

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What do we offer?

Strategic Communication on 

  • Sustainability

  • Circular Economy

  • Emerging Technologies 

  • Innovations & 

  • Leadership

Capability Building on Circular Economy

ranging from policy, enabling technologies, business innovation to consumer behavior

  • Gap Analysis & Opportunity Assessment

  • Policy Framework Building

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Technology transfer

  • Create customized education content and curriculum 

  • Provide training & internship

  • Co-create solutions

Knowledge Platform

Showcase leadership practices and create strategic partnerships

Facilitate solution development

through the adoption of technology-enabled innovation and knowledge exchange


Innovation Showcase

Past Events

Partnerships for the Goals


What people say about us

"Technology and Research from STEAM-KMUTT is impressive, especially its "Social Labs". We look forward to exploring partnership with STEAM-KMUTT in the future."


Head of NGO and Civil Society Centre
Regional and Sustainable Development, ADB

Join us and share your ideas and practices

in transforming the world towards a sustainable future.

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