To improve Thailand’s inherent ability to position itself as a world class research and innovation center by empowering Thailand students and academic researchers with extensive strategic communication and entrepreneurial skills.

Ongoing Training
  • Value Chain Mapping and Technology Analysis
    Value Chain Mapping and Technology Analysis
    Arslan Siddique
    Sep 26, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM GMT+7
    Arslan Siddique
    This session is focused on understanding value chain and its components along with value chain positioning and technology analysis. It explains how an individual contribution (technology development) adds value for a collective impact on a sector-specific value chain. Moreover, it will examplify how
  • Strategic Thinking
    Strategic Thinking
    Dr. Mark Foley
    Sep 26, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM GMT+7
    Dr. Mark Foley
    Hints for strategic, or "big picture" thinking. To not only see the future, but to also drive your future.

Empowering the Youth

to Drive the Circular Economy Transformation

Who we are


STEAM Platform is driving the transition towards a "smart" circular economy by empowering the youth with the essential skills to rethink how we build businesses to create solutions for sustainability.

We build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to provide a conducive ecosystem to support youth entrepreneurs. 


Through our incredible global partnerships, we deliver programs that nurture startups with emerging technology and provide them with the domain knowledge for practicing purposeful entrepreneurship.

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At STEAM we believe that nurturing entrepreneurs goes beyond teaching how to simply pitch a company. 


Our 3 pillars approach enhance our youth with

more competitive, effective and efficient solutions to global problems

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