September 2020

Circular Economy on Campus


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September 2020

Circular Economy on Campus

August 2020

Sustainable Food

July 2020

Thailand Innovation Driven Sustainability Business Features 2020 (SBF 2020)

June 2020

BIO-BASED MATERIALS for Circular Economy

May 2020

Advanced robotics, AI and E-Learning Platform for COVID-19 Response in Thailand

April 2020

Bio-Economy in Thailand: The Cassava Story

March 2020

Smart Home

February 2020

Smart Mobility

December 2019

Sustainable Food & Agriculture 4.0

March 2019

CIRCULAR ECONOMY! from Policy, Media, Global Value Chain to Education

February 2019

Data Science Bootcamp & Hackathon Towards Sustainable Development Goals

December 2018

Moving into the 4th Industrial Revolution & Circular Economy

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