Direct Services

To overcome the challenges of the 21st century, you need the necessary skills and knowledge that the current education system is not teaching you. Our interns are provided with exceptional training on strategic communication, Industry 4.0, designing a circular economy business model and reaching out to partners.

We can provide you with the necessary skills that will allow you to adapt to the ever rapidly changing global industries and create jobs of the future. Our platform provides the convergence of youth across geographical boundaries to unite, share experiences and overcome these challenges together.

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Our Circular Economy Accelerator


Our Circular economy accelerator combines all aspects and stakeholders of the emerging circular economy. By bringing together individuals, corperations, governments and startups, we create the necessary convergence of knowledge and simultaneously provide the necessary technology, partnerships, policy & strategy advisory and funding to drive the transformation towards a sustainable future.  


Youth Leadership Promotion


If you are a young leader driving change in your sector through sustainable innovation we want to hear and promote your story to the world and to our well-established networks. We want to increase the exposure and visibility of the youth leaders of today's circular economy. Contact us!  


Technology Consultancy


Whether you are a company or a policymaker, our technology consultancy can help you build a more sustainable future powered by emerging technologies. We are actively connecting and serving corporate and government leaders around the world and pushing the most advanced technologies towards sustainable development.


Waste Action Network


STEAM Platform partners with The Incubation Network (TIN) to build the Waste Action Network (WAN) in Thailand that connects all stakeholders and features best practices in reducing plastic pollution in the ASEAN region.

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