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Bangkok Rooftop Farming
Bangkok Rooftop Farming

Bangkok, Thailand

Scale up/Growth Phase
Value Chain Positioning
System, Design, Raw Materials
Partnership Request:
Investment, Marketing, R&D

Bangkok Rooftop Farming Co., Ltd. (Social Enterprise) was established in 2020 to develop the Urban Modern Farm model by building on the business model Prototype with the principle of Circular economy from the project "Green Innovation City for converting food waste into vegetable farms in the middle of the city" in 2019 by Center One Department Store and the Network for Sustainable Development Association (The NETWORK) (Non-Profit Organization) from support of the National Innovation Agency

Bangkok Rooftop Farming Company Limited (Social Enterprise) has a mission to develop a rooftop farm business model that is a business model with circular economy principles as a new solution and create a new lifestyle for the city (Rooftop Farm Circular Business- Closed Loop Business) In 2020, there is an expectation that this business will occur on rooftops of Phayathai Road, Phaholyothin and Vibhavadi Rangsit at least 5-7 rooftop farms.

Pain points: when the city is the last consumer before the leftovers turn into rubbish will go to the round point In the Bangkok area in 2019, there is a huge amount up to 118,000 tons / year, which each year Bangkok requires a budget of 3,000 million baht to manage and in Thailand there is a waste of up to 76 billion tons / year, of which 55% will be food waste, while the remaining 45% have been completely separated from food waste, which will cause plastic waste to be separated. more easily which can be recycled and recycled up to 30% and only 15% goes to the landfill


Pareena Prayukvong

Upcycling Food Waste to Grow Organic Vegetables - Bangkok Rooftop Farming

Ms Pareena Prayukvong, Co-founder of The Network for Sustainable Development Association, has been a passionate advocate for...

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