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Taipei, Taiwan

Value Chain Positioning
Partnership Request:

PackAge+ is a social business and green tech startup tackling with reducing the CO2 emissions in Taiwan through circular economy.
We're striving hard for SDGs #11, #12, #13, #15.

PackAge+ aims to solve the eighty million of one-off non-recyclable packaging create by the e-commerce market in Taiwan, which has caused more than one hundred thousand tons of carbon emission per year and need 10 million of trees to purify CO2 emissions.

We have invented a reusable packaging made from recycled bottles and glasses, and have built our own online-to-offline circular system to make circular economy happen.

We've gained support from the governments (incl. Environmental Protection Administration, Taipei City and Taoyuan City government).

We've recently closed our angel round, and is looking for more financial and strategic investors to join us.

We're based in Taiwan, and is going to expand oversea quickly.



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