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Trash Lucky
Trash Lucky

Bangkok, Thailand

Value Chain Positioning
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Recycle and win gold and more! When you sort and donate your recyclables to Trash Lucky, you earn raffle tickets for winning prizes such as gold or shopping vouchers. Earn raffle tickets based on the amount of plastic, paper, glass, or metal you recycle. Trash Lucky sells the recyclables to recyclers and uses part of the income to fund raffle prizes.

Trash Lucky’s vision is plastic-free oceans and its mission is to incentivize people to recycle and divert plastics from landfills and oceans. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Trash Lucky is a pre-seed startup that has received initial investment and grants from DTAC Accelerate (Batch 7), Government Savings Bank, depa, NIA, and WWF Thailand.


Trash Lucky: Turn Your Trash to Lucky Draw

เปลี่ยนพลาสติกเป็นทรัพยากรการผลิต Trash Lucky (co-founded by Nat Atichartakarn) motivates consumers to mail or drop off their segregated...

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