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STEAM Platform Progress Report

2018 - 2019

Lerwen LIU

Arslan Siddique

Panisara Nakseemok

Within a year, STEAM platform has influenced over 10,000 people worldwide digitally, and over 3000 physically through events organized and participated as well as training workshops. It provided personalized training for over 300 students and researchers within KMUTT.


It connected with over 100 companies globally and showcased over 50 innovations from KMUTT at global forums. We have also established a close partnership with the Asia Development Bank (ADB) especially in the area of Youth for Asia, Education, Rural Development & Food/Agriculture and Energy sectors.


We are now in partnership with UNEP on circular economy in the context of digital technologies, education and youth leadership.


Stay tuned and partner with us to accelerate the transformation for a sustainable future.

Annual Report
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