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KMUTT Roundtable 1 "Food Circularity"

KMUTT Roundtable 1 "Food Circularity"

KMUTT Roundtable 1 "Food Circularity"


AD909, President Building, KMUTT

STEAM Platform collaborates with the Research, Innovation and Partnership Office (RIPO) of KMUTT in organizing the 1st Roundtable on Food Circular Economy mapping for KMUTT on Oct. 21st, 2019.

We have identified the comprehensive R&D capabilities in KMUTT from food/agriculture production, food processing and functionalization, to waste management as well as logistics/supply chain optimization platform.

STEAM Platform coordinates a delegation of 8 members from KMUTT to showcase its innovative practices in Rural Development and Food security at the upcoming ADB Rural Development and Food Security Forum (RDFS2019) during Oct 28-30th, in ADB Manila. We shall highlight KMUTT's capability in Functional Food and Training Education on Food Processing Technologies

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