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CELP Summit 2021

Circular Economy Leadership & Partnership Summit 2021

Speakers Bio

Alisara Sivayathorn

Amorpol Huvanandana

Arnold Tukker


Chachanat Thebtaranonth

Chalermpol Hoonpongsimanont

Claire Thiebault

Edwin Keh

Emmanuelle MAIRE

Ernesto Sanchez-Triana

Eugene Kwon

Eun Joo Yi

Hemant Chaudhary

Isa-Maria Bergman

Jirarot Pojanavaraphan

Johannes Kisser

Kanchana Wanichkorn

Khwanrudee Imardoon

Kitipong Promwong

Kittiphat Suthisamphat

Krista Kruft

Laura Benns


Lerwen LIU

Mushtaq Memon

Niall O'Connor

Nongnuch Poolsawad

Nophol "Naps" Techaphangam

Pareena Prayukvong

Parvathy Krishnan

Piengpen Wongnapapan

Pierre Boileau

Pongvipa Lohsomboon

Prasad Modak

Pruitti Kerdchoochuen

Regula Schegg


Sakarindr Bhumiratana

Savanit Boonyasuwat

Singh Intrachooto

Sirapassorn SAGULWIWAT

Susann Roth

Teerapun Pimtong

Thomas Lindhqvist

Varoon Varanyanond

Veena Sahajwalla

Veera Kwanloetchit


Jirarot Pojanavaraphan

Managing Director


Mr.Jirarot has seen that ‘SC GRAND’ can be a part of the solution and deliver value into fashion and textile industry, then he and his brother has committed to circular economy model and has transformed his company into sustainable textile and recycled hub since 2019.

Moreover, Jirarot has launched his own sustainable fabric named ‘SC GRAND’ which is made from 100% recycled raw material such as textile waste from weaving factory, cutting waste from garment factories and also old clothes from customers which has used to dumped in landfill or burned.

Additionally, he has registered for trademark of his apparel in 2019 named ‘CIRCULAR’ in order to educate and communicate to the market that recycled fabric can be designed in various styles, consume less nature resource and also to raise awareness and inspire fashion industry that we can make different together for our shared future.

In conclusion, Jirarot is social entrepreneur because he also own ‘cloud handcraft platform with social impact ‘named’ because he believe that in Thailand has many handcraft product with good background story and he try to create sustainable livelihood by using nature resources in their respective village.

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