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Educating Consumers to Segregate Plastics Waste

One of the challenges of plastics circularity in Thailand is waste segregation at source. The cause of the problem comes from consumer behavior and the availability of collection facilities. There has been an increasing awareness of plastics waste and movement of changing consumer behavior to reduce consumption of plastic packaging, adoption of reusable packaging, and more availability of collection facilities.

STEAM Platform, based in the Knowledge Exchange Innovation Center (KX), during the past two years, has been actively promoting a circular economy (CE) through interviewing and featuring leadership practices. We organized the first CE Leadership & Partnership (CELP) Summit 2021 in partnership with KX whose staff were involved and inspired by circularity practices featured in the event. We mentored and supported KX staff in practising circularity in the building and changing waste management behavior. Bangkok FabLab, one of the KX flagship initiatives, provides a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to design and test new concepts and produce innovative and sustainable products. Its manager Mr Rattapong Lordthong took leadership in partnering with CirPlus, set up collection facilities at Fablab, and provided instructions (in both English and Thai) to educate users about plastics packaging and practicing proper segregation.

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