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Practicing Circularity by Design and Using Recycled Plastics

In addition to providing plastics segregation facility and educating to change consumer behavior, FabLab Bangkok organized hands-on workshops to train innovators and local SMEs, and entrepreneurs to design (following eco-design principles) products with recycled plastics, utilizing 3D printing facilities in FabLab Bangkok for prototyping and proof-of-concept. During the past four months, two workshops have been organized:

  1. On June 25th 2022, A 2-hour hybrid workshop was organized titled Maker Meetup EP.7 | ‘Eco design, Innovation & Sustainable products'. where two trainers Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat (CEO of CirPlas) and Pattarapol Chantkam (Chairman of Design Innovation Program of School of Architecture and Design, KMUTT) shared their knowledge and experience in eco-design, plastics recycling, and products made from recycled plastics. Participants learned about creating products with sustainable materials and eco-design to minimize waste, market opportunities & regulations, tax benefits, and other relevant information for product importers and exporters.

Source: KX Knowledge Xchange
Source: KX Knowledge Xchange

2. On April 21st 2022, an hour webinar was organized titled XpertXchange EP.6 | 'Making New Products, Upcycling, Recycling plastic' by FabLab Bangkok in partnership with Precious plastic Bangkok. This is the first workshop in FabLab Bangkok to introduce the Precious Plastic Platform to inspire innovators and entrepreneurs to take action in plastics circularity. In this event, participants learnt about how Precious Plastic platform supports and enable transformation of plastic waste into products and its global network and communities building to scale-up regional and global plastics circularity pratices.

Source: KX Knowledge Xchange

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