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Launched Circular Economy Leadership & Partnership (CELP) Initiative

Accelerating the circular economy transformation in Thailand and the world requires leadership and partnerships of multi-stakeholders and cross-sectors. STEAM Platform launched the Circular Economy Leadership & Partnership (CELP) initiative at the CELP Summit 2021 during two afternoons of 17-18 March 2021. The event was intentionally designed to

  1. Showcase Thailand’s Public and Private Leadership Practices in Circular Economy (CE)

  2. Attract and Facilitate Partnerships among different stakeholders in Thailand and the world in accelerating the CE transformation locally and globally.

The program was designed to address critical issues related to policy intervention from legislation/policy/regulation, monitoring/assessment, platforms to international collaboration. We also address the critical drivers for policymakers to incorporate into their framework including industry sectoral practice challenges/advice, business model, technology & innovation, UNEP circularity platform & GEO for business, to financing mechanisms & partnerships.

CELP2021 Participial

It turned out to become an overwhelmingly successful event. The outcome of this event is summarized below:

1. Strong participation from speakers and attendances both physically and virtually from around the world

  • Speakers: We managed to confirm 47 speakers and moderators from Australia, China, Europe (including the European Commission), India, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand within 2-3 weeks.

  • Registration: Over 220 registered participants including speakers join both physically and virtually.

2. Strong private sector interest: Over 70% private sector participation from all over the world. Strong interests are drawn from the World Bank group and ADB.

3. Multiple government agency participation: In addition to NXPO participation, the event attracted participation from the Pollution Control Department (PCD), Department of Agriculture (DoA), The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Ministry of Industry (MOI). We also attracted participants from the governments of Singapore (NEA), the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Japan, and the European Commission (EC).

We will share highlights of the event in our next issue of the newsletter.

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