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Strategic Communication and Internationalization: In Partnership with STEAM Platform

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

STEAM Platform provided the five teams an enhanced training on sustainability knowledge and entrepreneurship. Our training methodology involves developing a holistic life cycle thinking mindset and identifying problems in both local and global contexts. We also guide our trainees to discover their passion which is critical in sustaining their leadership role and entrepreneurship practices.

Given this foundation, we further provide knowledge & skills training, including

  1. Set Purpose and Understanding Sustainability; Develop Life Cycle Thinking & Systematic Thinking; Understanding Value Chain; Improve Communication Skills

  2. Stakeholders & Supply Chain Analysis; Comparative Analysis; Business Model Design

  3. Cost Structure Breakdown, Financing & Revenue Mechanism; Optimizing Costs

  4. Structure, Voice, Story, Visualization

Our training also involves one-on-one mentoring to improve speaking & writing skills and to provide guidance for trainees’ future studies and career options.

We use our Structure of WHY, WHAT, HOW, and IMPACT. One of the key techniques of communication is to start from the Known to the Unknown when introducing a topic or innovation to capture the attention of the audience/readers. We also use the Call for Action technique to end the speech/writing to motivate the reader/writer to take action.

STEAM Platform connects with its global partners, including the Asia Development Banks, United Nations agencies (UNDP, UNEP, etc), World Bank, World Startup, The Youth Green Public Welfare Alliance (YGPWA), and other regional partners.

Bajaangs team is solution winner of the ADB Youth4Asia's solutions search entitled, “Youth at Crossroads: A Sustainable Tourism Solutions Search." in March 2022.

On July 18, 2022, the Ridecycle team from Samsenwittayalai School, Bangkok leaded by Nattapol Yuroong and Akaruch Duangbubpha presented the RideCycle's Transforming Waste to Value platform in the Environment Category in World Science, Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) 2022 organized by Indonesia Young Scientists Association (IYSA). The team presentation was well received by the judges and received Bronze Award.

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