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Newsletter March 2022 Issue: Innovation in Processing Plastics Waste Enabling SDGs 2030

Usually, broken glass, textiles, and plastic bags/sachets are not considered high-value recyclables. But I have been inspired by the discovery of "heroes" who have figured out ways of making value-added products such as Green Cement and Green Ceramics from these wastes through technological innovation. These "Green" Cement and Ceramics have higher performance than conventional materials and with higher economic value, generating "green jobs" for local communities. Hope you will share my inspiration from reading this issue of our newsletter.

STEAM Newsletter: Thailand Plastic Ghostbuster

This issue of the newsletter features the highlights of the start-up's practices in eliminating plastic waste and the passion and commitment to circular economy transition in Thailand and the region.

Recycle your waste via a drive-thru drop-off

Trash Lucky invite you to recycle your waste via a drive-thru drop-off on Saturday 30-Oct-21 from 9am - 1pm. This time we provide you 4 drop-off locations around Bangkok.

You will earn lucky draw tickets for winning a car, iPhone 12, gold, and 400+ prizes. We will also convert PET plastic bottles you recycle into PPEs and donate them to healthcare workers.

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