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Ms Christina Chun-Ling HO

Waste Management & Resource Recycling Program Manager, TEPA



Policy, Product Design, Waste Management, 6Rs


Waste Management


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Christina Chun-Ling HO has been a Senior Specialist of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (TEPA) since 1993. She led the effort to enact the Basic Environmental Law in Dec. 2002. This has become instrumental for the Green Transformation of Taiwan through the successful execution of the Waste Management & Resource Recycling Program.
Since 2017, Ms. Ho has put much effort into the circular economy and helped Taiwan to build up Taiwan Circular Economy 100 Alliance (TCE100) by integrating plastics, WEEE, construction & demolition waste, and solar panel resource industrial supply chains.
Since 2020, Christina has been recognized as an environmental education instructor for promoting waste management, resource recycling, circular economy, and the net-zero transition of green life in Taiwan.
Ms. Ho has actively participated in International Environmental Organizations, like Asia Pacific Organization, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, OECD, and World Circular Economy Forum. She also has taken charge of bilateral cooperation projects with the EU, US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Southern East Countries and this contributes to the progress of sustainable development of countries and regions
She has a B.A. in Information and Library Science from Tamkang University, Taiwan. In 1992, she received an M.A. in Educational Communication and Technology from New York University in the USA. She previously served as Assistant Producer of a Public TV Station in Taiwan from 1992 to March 1993. Her languages are Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, and English.


Module 5: Policy Implementation Mechanisms & Challenges and Consumer Behavior


Introduction of Circular Plastics Economy for Policy Makers


Global, National, Subnational Policy




Module 5: Policy Implementation Mechanisms & Challenges and Consumer Behavior

Plastics Circular Economy E-learning Course

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