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Can we take action to reduce plastic waste?

We have heard a lot about plastic pollution. But do you know how much plastics have been disposed of every year, and how much plastic we have dumped on our planet in the last 70 years?

According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), We generate about 400 million tonnes of plastics waste every year.

340 million tonnes are disposed of in landfills, up to 10% of which is non-recycled waste ended up in the sea.

In the last 70 years, we have produced a total of 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic products, and 7 billion tonnes became waste. 3/4 has gone to landfills and 3% has gone to the sea.

Plastic waste has been polluting our ecosystem on land and ocean including soil, water, and marine species, and more…..

Where does plastic waste come from? Over 60% comes from packaging and textiles which we, as consumers use every day.

So what can YOU do to reduce plastic pollution on our planet?

We will introduce the 5Rs practices in our next episode, so stay tuned….

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