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From Plastics to Roads, Is It Scalable?

There are over 40 Million kilometers of roads in the world today, and we are still building more roads, especially in the developing world.

Every year, we generate over 400 million tons of plastic waste.

Imagine we could turn plastic waste into roads. Not only would we help reduce pollution, but we could also build better roads more cheaply and quickly.

For example, In Thailand, the "Green Road" made of, Asphalt Concrete is produced by mixing aggregates, bitumen, and green ceramics (a mixture of shredded plastics + glass wastes). One square meter of asphalt concrete consumes 1kg of plastic waste.

For 400million tons of plastic waste, we could build 40million km long roads with 10 meters wide

Plastics Roads have been built in other parts of the world including In India, the UK, and Bhutan

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