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Seafood: Zero Waste Tuna Processing by Thai Union

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Thai Union (TU) practices zero waste for its tuna processing to eliminate food waste in its production facility. In addition to producing canned tuna, TU produces pet food & aquaculture feed, snacks and fish oil/calcium supplement from heads, skins, and bones.

Thai Union (TU) is a leading global seafood company, and roughly about 1 in 5 cans of tuna around the world comes from TU factories. TU practices sustainable seafood sourcing from both wild-caught and aquaculture. For example, TU implements a policy on responsible sourcing of tuna to ensure the protection of the ocean ecosystem and the vessel code of conduct ensuring safe and legal labor on fishing practices.

TU practices circularity by maximizing the utilization of natural resources, targeting at zero waste of tuna production. Tuna is not only useful as human food in the form of canned or fresh tuna, but different parts of tuna can also be used to produce pet food, aquaculture feed, or even can be extracted for highly nutritious fish oil and fish calcium supplements. For example, the tuna head has high DHA or an omega-3 fatty acid. Tuna skin & bones are used to produce snacks. Most recently TU launched a new bone powder production facility in Thailand. Find more details in TU Annual Sustainability Report.

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