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Congratulations to The Incubation Network for its new podcast exploring the issues and solutions on plastic pollution.

An estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic are now floating in the ocean — that’s a truckload of plastic being dumped into the ocean every minute.

Watch the first episode with Umesh Madhavan from The Circulate Initiative on what each of us can do to solve this issue.

Watch here:
#PlasticPollution #WasteManagement #CircularEconomy

Newsletter September 2022 Issue: Transforming to Plastics Circularity

In this issue of the newsletter, we would like to share with you our partnership with the Knowledge Exchange Innovation Center (KX) in promoting plastics circularity in Bangkok. We address the challenges of circular economy transition including changing consumer behavior, circular design, and innovation & entrepreneurship support.

We feature the following three main activities in the past few months happening in KX:
- Entrepreneurship Support- CE Accelerator for the Techbite program
- Design and Produce Products Using Recycled Plastics
- Waste Segregation and Behavior Change

Newsletter Apr-Jul 22 Issue: Empowering High School Youth Leaders in Developing Solutions for Thailand Waste Problem

Thailand National Innovation Agency (NIA)’s STEAM4Innovator program invited STEAM Platform to provide Strategic Communication training for five teams of high school youth leaders from regions of Bangkok, Khon Kaen, and Phuket, who have developed solutions for solving Thailand's plastic pollution and waste problems.

The Plastics E-learning Course - Coming Soon!

Newsletter March 2022 Issue: Innovation in Processing Plastics Waste Enabling SDGs 2030

Usually, broken glass, textiles, and plastic bags/sachets are not considered high-value recyclables. But I have been inspired by the discovery of "heroes" who have figured out ways of making value-added products such as Green Cement and Green Ceramics from these wastes through technological innovation. These "Green" Cement and Ceramics have higher performance than conventional materials and with higher economic value, generating "green jobs" for local communities. Hope you will share my inspiration from reading this issue of our newsletter.

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