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An Introduction to Circular Economy

Addresses Circularity along product value chain and business supply chain with case studies
Provides Circularity guidelines including framework, examples, and case studies for policy-makers, educators, business leaders, and investors
Contains Comprehensive contribution with inclusivity in terms of age (1/3 below 35 years old) and gender (over 40% female) with multidisciplinary background from all five continents.
Comprises substantial coverage of updated policy, research & innovation, education programs, and business practices on circular economy in the Asian region
Includes Life Cycle Assessment and Costing methodology for circular economy practices
Presents interconnectivity along the circular value chain and roles of different stakeholders for a circular economy transformation
Highlights different driving factors for a circular economy transition including digital technologies, business opportunities & consumer service models, financing, circularity indicators & assessment, policy & regulations, and education

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