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An Introduction to Circular Economy

Recycling of Waste Electric and Electronic Products in China


This chapter mainly focuses on the development of waste electrical appliances and electronic products/waste electric and electronic products (WEEP) management in China and its key effects to circular economy. China has experienced 5 stages since the 1990s when the collection and disposal of WEEP started. By trying different ways to deal with WEEP, China has found the possible route to manage it. The article discusses the progress, achievements, and the status of WEEP management in China (including the categories, dismantling capacity & technologies, operational mode, reuse, environmental, and social influences). We provide case studies on Aihuishou (China’s largest electronic products collection platform) and Guiyu (transformation of a well-known e-waste recycling town). China now is the country with the world’s largest WEEP dismantling and disposal capacity. The recycling of WEEP is also a microcosm of China’s circular economy.


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