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An Introduction to Circular Economy

Transforming e-Waste to Eco Art by Upcycling


The global volume of electronic waste is expected to reach 52.2 million tones or 6.8 kg per person by 2021. A recent UN report—A New Circular Vision for Electronics—highlights that the world produces as much as 50 million tons of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) a year. However, only 20% of this is formally recycled, remainder 80% either ending up in landfills or being informally recycled. It is unreasonable to find an ethical recycler and it has been a major challenge to pledge to eradicate e-waste from planet. Apparently, upcycling e-waste could be exploited as compelling solution. The article discusses about upcycling as an alternate solution to e-waste crisis. There is an Inspiration Gallery in the end, which would motivate readers to start creating eco art.


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