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Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

Plastics Circular Economy E-learning Course

Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

About this module

This module gives an overview of the entire course highlighting the Life Cycling Framework for plastics circularity, value chain/supply chain of plastics production and consumption, ecosystem building, policy framework & implementation mechanism, and business model practices. The module highlights some of the critical practices in Plastics Circularity such as product-as-a-Service (PaaS) including re-usable packaging services and bio-compostable packaging services in addition to the recycling/recovery practices covered in other modules.
We provide policy recommendations on the Refuse-Reuse-Remanufacture-Recycle-Recover (5Rs) related to policy intervention, infrastructure building, the role of stakeholders, and implementation processes.


25 min

Learning Objective

    Plastics circularity Life cycle framework
    Practising Reduce at all levels
    Product-As-a-Service module for both bio-compostable and non-compostable plastics
    5Rs Recommendations


    1. About Plastic Water Bottle: Which of the following description is the most accurate?
    a. The entire plastic bottle, including the cap and label, is made from PET
    b. There are typically three kinds of plastics in a plastic bottle, the cap is made from PP, the body is made from PET, and the label made is from LDPE.
    c. The entire plastic bottle, including cap and label, is made from LDPE

    2. About Recycling: The Chemical Recycling process always has a lower environmental impact than that of mechanical Recycling?
    a. True
    b. False

    3. About Re-usable Packaging Service Model:
    a. The basic service model, including reverse logistics and cleaning, is sufficient to sustain the business.
    b. Adding ESG service helps attract investment and brings additional revenues.
    c. E-commerce delivery can adopt reusable packaging successfully without government policy intervention and consumer cooperation.


Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity
Lerwen LIU
NanoGlobe Pte Ltd & STEAM Platform
Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

Module 1: Fundamentals of Circular Economy

Module 3: Circular Economy Workforce Building

Module 4: Circular design, technology and innovation

Module 6: Circular Economy Policy and Standards

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Module 3: Plastics Life Cycle, Value & Supply Chain, and Impact

Module 5: Circular Supply Chain Management

Module 6: Public-Private Partnerships and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Building

Module 2: Plastic Waste Global Policies

Module 4: Circular Business Models, Barriers & Enablers for Circular Economy

Module 5: Policy Implementation Mechanisms & Challenges and Consumer Behavior

Module 7: Circular Cities

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