Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

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Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

About this module

Does Plastics Circularity mean the recycling of plastics? From the life cycle thinking, this module explains what plastics circularity means in the context of the circular economy. It provides a basic introduction on the critical drivers for plastics circularity along the plastics value chain from extraction, production, distribution, and consumption, to end of use or end of life. It highlights the purpose of plastics circular for sustainable development: minimize the negative environmental impact, improve social impact, and create economic opportunity for businesses.


25 min

Learning Objective

    1. Understanding of circular economy for plastics using life cycle thinking
    2. Understanding the role of policy in connection with sustainability along the value chain of plastics economy
    3. Being able to develop a holistic thinking and understand how policy could support and accelerate the plastics circular economy transition to include Design for Re-use, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Recycle and Recover.



Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity
Lerwen LIU
Managing Director
NanoGlobe Pte Ltd
Module 1: Introduction to the Plastics Circularity

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