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Module 5: Circular Supply Chain Management

ADBI Circular Economy E-learning Course

Module 5: Circular Supply Chain Management

About this module

The module describes the basic concept and differences between linear and circular supply chains. The importance of both “circular” and “economy” in the context of supply chain management is differentiated, and ideas to promote material circularity are examined. Industrial materials and bio-based materials are compared. Businesses who apply the circular supply chain and circular economy concept are presented. The 5Rs principles in reducing and utilizing wastes are given. Policy recommendations relating circular economy and circular supply chain are discussed.


30 min

Learning Objective

    • Identify differences between a linear supply chain and circular supply chain
    • Describe how material properties influence the circularity and applications in circular economy
    • Provide examples of businesses that are driven by circular economy concept
    • Generate ideas for policy recommendations from the circular supply chain standpoint


    1. What does Returnity work to eliminate?
    a. Single-use shipping and delivery packaging
    b. Agricultural consultancy
    c. Plastics producer

    2. What percentage of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging?
    a. 50%
    b. 30%
    c. 80%

    3. What does the Return Rate need to be for a successful reusable packaging program (in %)
    a. 95% or more
    b. 55%
    c. 40% or less

    4. What are the two most important factors for a successful reusable packaging program?
    a. Circular process
    b. No Participation
    c. High participation
    d. Both a & c

    5. What is the easiest use case/market segment for reusable packaging?
    a. Circular Economy
    b. Blue economy
    c. None


Module 5: Circular Supply Chain Management
Vice Dean of Academic Affair, GMI
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Module 5: Circular Supply Chain Management
Head of Business Development
Returnity Innovations

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