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Module 3: Plastics Life Cycle, Value & Supply Chain, and Impact

Plastics Circular Economy E-learning Course

Module 3: Plastics Life Cycle, Value & Supply Chain, and Impact

About this module

This module gives an overview of the Life Cycle Thinking concept. The conventional plastic and bio-plastic life cycle were introduced for more understanding to apply to the circularity of plastic products. The modules show examples of supply chain management in order to apply CE concept to plastic products. The recycling technology both mechanical and chemical is introduced with the example of the Life Cycle Environmental Impact of plastic resin.


12 min

Learning Objective

    - Life Cycle of Plastic and Bio-plastic
    - Supply chain plastic management for plastic CE
    - Recycling technology for plastic
    - Environmental impact and policy recommendation for plastic CE


    1. What is the resources to create conventional plastic?
    a. Aluminum
    b. Fossil fuel
    c. Biomass
    d. Paper

    2. What environmental impact occurred from Bio-Plastic production?
    a. Land occupation
    b. Water scarcity
    c. Chemical contamination to soil
    d. All the answers are correct

    3. What is the mechanical recycling product?
    a. Monomer
    b. Plastic resin
    c. Liquid fuel
    d. Gas fuel

    4. What is the limitation for mechanical plastic recycling?
    a. All the answers are correct.
    b. The type of plastic that can be processed through mechanical recycling
    c. Quality of plastic resin from mechanical recycling
    d. Plastic waste cleanliness

    5.Which of the following is considered as a priority in plastics circularity?
    a. Chemical recycling
    b. Reuse
    c. Mechanical recycling
    d. Sources reduction


Module 3: Plastics Life Cycle, Value & Supply Chain, and Impact
Kasetsart University
Module 3: Plastics Life Cycle, Value & Supply Chain, and Impact

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